The Diary - Episode #1


In this first episode, Andre Cansino tells the history of the Black Plague. 

Z Social - Episode #1


In this first episode, Brianna Pineda discusses Jimmy Fallon and Addison Rae. 

Once Upon A Truth - Episode #1


In this first episode, Once Upon a Truth will be taking you into the depths of the story of the Titanic’s Sister Ships: Britannic and Olympic.

Graduate describes early college experience


Staff Writer Olivia Trevino and Maria Martinez discuss her experiences at the LBJ early college.

Classic R and B is interesting


Staff writer Estefania Garagarza discusses rhythm and blues music with Xitlaly Avila and Jordyn Rebeles.

Video games show fascination for Daniel Rodriguez


Staff writer Javier Rodriguez discuss video games with Daniel Rodriguez.

Music may change your mood


Staff writer Jocelyn Figueroa discusses moods and music with Beatriz Medina.

Movie A Quiet Place has MANY thrilling scenes


Staff writer Xitlaly Avila discusses the movie A Quiet Place with staff writers Estefania Garagarza and Jordyn Rebeles-Davis.

Harry Potter characters provide motivation for life


Staff writer Lesdy Hernandez, Leela Maciel, and Freddy Gutierrez discuss Harry Potter characters.

Sports are worth the time spent playing


Staff writer Judy Molina and Bella Haynes discuss school and sports.

Golden State Warriors are respectful towards their fans


Katherine Dovalina and Olivia Trevino discuss the Golden State Warriors.

Would you rather…discussing random things


Erik Garcia and family members discuss random would you rathers.

Audio recording of the 25th Annual Medallion Ceremony


The Magnet Tribune presents 2018's 25th Annual Medallion Ceremony, held Tuesday, May 22, at the Martinez Fine Arts Complex.

Students discuss what they like at the Hispanic Festival


Staff Writer Lucero Rea discusses the 2017 Hispanic Festival with students.

Movie Matters: Stardust has everything from a fallen star to a flying pirate ship


Movie Matters host Anna Davenport talks aboout the movie Stardust and its deeper meanings.

Congressmen Henry Cuellar speaks out


U.S Representative, Henry Cuellar, speaks his perspectives on education, immmigration reform, the wall, and further during a telephone interview.

Movie Matters: Talented Miguel ends his family ban on music in Coco


Miguel ends his family ban on music in fantasy movie Coco.

Movie Matters: Radius has a plot twist that really shocks you


For a plot twist that really shocks you, Radius.

A border town mayor speaks about his opinion on recent political controversies


Pete Saenz, mayor of Laredo, Texas, a border town to Mexico speaks about his opinion on recent political controversies

Nixon graduate finds acceptance of her ethnicity at UT in Austin


Keilah Granados discusses her experiences at University of Texas in Austin.

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