Audio recording of the 25th Annual Medallion Ceremony


The Magnet Tribune presents 2018's 25th Annual Medallion Ceremony, held Tuesday, May 22, at the Martinez Fine Arts Complex.

Students discuss what they like at the Hispanic Festival


Staff Writer Lucero Rea discusses the 2017 Hispanic Festival with students.

Congressmen Henry Cuellar speaks out


U.S Representative, Henry Cuellar, speaks his perspectives on education, immmigration reform, the wall, and further during a telephone interview.

A border town mayor speaks about his opinion on recent political controversies


Pete Saenz, mayor of Laredo, Texas, a border town to Mexico speaks about his opinion on recent political controversies

Nixon graduate finds acceptance of her ethnicity at UT in Austin


Keilah Granados discusses her experiences at University of Texas in Austin.

The Outlet Shoppes director discusses impact on the city


TAMIU intern Selena Borjas and Erica Contreras discuss how The Outlet Shoppes at Laredo could impact impact the city.

Lauren Melendez discusses her Congressional Medal


Staff Writer Lucero Rea and Lauren Melendez talk about her achievement.

John V. Puig II, M.D talks about being involved in sports medicine


Staff writer Justyne Bernal interviews John V. Puig II, M.D about his careeer in sports medicine.

Students discuss Obama’s presidency


Staff writers Briana Sepulveda and Salma Silva interviewed students on their opinions of whether or not Presient Barak Obama fufilled his presidency.

Tuba Christmas event is planned at the mall


Staff Writer Mario Rodriguez interviews music instructor John Reimund about Tuba Christmas at the mall on December 21.

Art student dicusses her work


Magnet Tribune Staff Writers Victoria Hernandez and America Moreno talk to sophmore student Jennifer Ramos about her artwork.

Seniors discuss presidential election results


Staff writer Mario Rodriguez discusses elections results with seniors the morning after the election.

Freshman discuss Donald Trump and immigration


Magnet Tribune Staff Writers Briana Sepulveda and Salma Silva ask freshman for their thoughts on Donald Trump and immigration.

People discuss 16 de septiembre presentation


Staff Writer Karla Alvarez interviews people who attended the 16 de septiembre morning event.

People converse about the tragic events of 9/11


Students, staff, and the public openly share their opinions with staff writer Andrea Garcia about 9/11.

Angelita Flores once a student, now a teacher


Justyne Bernal interviews a former student who has returned as a geography teacher.

Former student now teaches dance


Staff Writer Lucero Rea talks to Lorena Mahtani about dancing and teaching dance.

Students discuss their trip to Texas State


Students discuss what they liked about Mass Communication Week at Texas State University.

Raul Flores discusses his experience in education


Raul Flores, new World History teacher, discusses the experience he's gathered throughout the years, and how he will apply them to teaching at VMT.

Social Studies instructor Sean Gaynor has returned to VMT


Magnet Tribune staff writer Victoria Cardenas interviews Social Studies instructor Sean Gaynor.

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